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Savanna Burning Project


Our co-founders, Brad Hansell and Gavin Farrell, took the time to identify the best way to apply carbon credits purchased as part of their commitment to sustainability.

As such, they invested in the Savanna Burning project located in northern Australia.

The Savanna Burning project is about reducing emissions from bushfire.  Savanna fires release methane and nitrous oxide into the environment, which are strong green house gases.  By utilising hazard reduction techniques and acting in the early dry season when fires are cooler and patchy, there are far less fewer emissions of these gases and a large environmental benefit.

Reducing fire emissions is a lot about applying traditional patchwork burning.  Savanna burning is an emissions reduction project, not a carbon storage project like tree planting. It is an approved methodology already in practice, in several places across Northen Australia.

Savanna burning earns “Kyoto Compliant” carbon credits because the emissions from Savanna burning count towards Australia’s national account under the Kyoto Protocol.

We were also drawn to the fact that the Savanna Burning project helped to create jobs for local indigenous Australians in the top end of Australia, aiding our commitment to social awareness and investment.

To find out more about the Savanna Burning project, you can hit the below link.


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